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Q. What is the purpose of the XMRA?
A. The Xtreme Machine Riders' Alliance was designed to provide additional "motorcycle only" events, specifically motorcycle drag racing through the use of it's own rule book for motorcyclists that enjoy drag racing or want to learn how to motorcycle drag race.

Q. What does the XMRA provide?
A. A "motorcycle only" environment specifically for "public benefit" and not the "direct benefit" of a single racer or a small handful of racers. Moreover, the environment provided is "controlled", "legal" and "safer" for racing than that of street racing. The intent is to attract the motorcycle "illegal street racer" while allowing all other racers and participants to have access through a "controlled" manner; Namely, an enforced and sanctioned rule book.

Q. What about the other forms of 2 wheel asphalt machine riders?
A. Besides drag racing, the XMRA supports and includes other riders that do not participate in motorcycle drag racing. We embrace track day events and organizaed road racing to get the "canyon carvers" off the streets and into a "safer" and proper environment. We support and have developed a participant rule book for mini-motard, midbike & pocketbike riders. Continue to support the owners of custom and one-of-a-kind machines. Last but not least, we support streetbike stunting, namely the development of and participation in "on-track" or " legal and controlled environment" stunting activities or events.

Q. Should other organizations feel they are in direct competition?
A. NO! We have some individuals that believe that we are here to remove them from operation. NOT TRUE. The XMRA was fully implemented to address the requests of dozens of racers that have complained about not having enough drag strips and/or events to participate in. If we were here for the sole purpose to remove others from providing like services. WE WOULD NOT HONOR THEIR RACERS' LICENSES. We do our absolute best to work with everyone whom "wants" to coexist with one another. It is our policy to do what is humanly possible not to schedule our events to pose a conflict with these other organizations.

This is why we prefer to use the word "ALLIANCE" in place of "ASSOCIATION". It is truly an alliance. But you will always have one or two groups that would rather greed than grow the West Coast drag racing scene for the motorcyclist!

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