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Question for the ladies.....

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While performing oral the guy (or girl for that matter) usually faces the woman with the legs on either side of his\her head. I just heard recently to try it at a right angle (one leg over the head and one under the chin) so when you move your tounge up and down it actually goes across the, well, you know. Understane what I mean?

Anyone experence this? It is supposed to be better. I would like to know for future reference.
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Ooohhh...that's a good move. I'd also try it like you're going to do a 69, but you aren't straddling her - Going down with you not facing her gives a different feel that is nice, too.
I agree with hondagrl.. it does feel great, if the person knows how to "you know" correctly in the first place
I've done it to women that way, but they seemed to enjoy it equally from every angle. I guess when you initially change it up it may do it more for them. I think that it's always good to keep them guessing how you're going to lick it next :2fingers
sorry, but I'd rather sit on a guys face and let him go at it. Much better, seeing how there's nothing touching you except for your knees to the bed and his tounge in that right spot. Oh only takes me about 30 seconds to cum if he does it that way....oh yeah....damn, I'm gonna go get my man right now so I can get some head!! Woo-Hoo...
Lindsay said:
sorry, but I'd rather sit on a guys face Woo-Hoo...
I like 'mustache rides' too ~ really gets me going ~ :2fingers
I don't care what way it's done---just go to it!! :lol If the guy is good with his tongue any angle is a great angle--on top, bottom, sideways, diagonal, upside down..whatever--it's all good!!! :headbang
mustache rides can be hard to least for me. Haven't done that too much..usually i just throw the legs over the shoulders, grab hold of the hips and enjoy

forgot...or i'll just take her legs and push them back so it's easier to acces...did that make sense :dunno
Anyone ever seen a bulldog eat after starving for a month?
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