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question about video editing

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how would i proceed to make the filesize of a video smaller so i can post it on the internet?

i know this might sound as a dumb question but i just started editing today so go gentle on me. LOL :eek:nfloor

the file now is 2GB and is 10 minutes in lenght. so that is a litlle big to post here. lol :bitchslap

so, any suggestions? i'm using adobe premiere pro 1.5 BTW.

thanks :)

PS. sorry if i posted this in the wrong forum.
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LiterTwin said:
Import your video into Premiere, then change your project properties, and use a smaller resolution, like 640x480. Then render it using a codec like Divx or Xvid to compress the video until you find a suitable compromise between size and quality. I like to use Windows Media Video, and compress the the video to about 90% quality.
+1 yes and what he means by compress the video is to use the "export" feature and export as a wmv file I use the 1024k Wm9 that is in the pulldown menu you see when you export. Hope it helps.
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