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Enygma said:
Ok, if we recall there was a thread a little while back someone wrote about the temps they were seeing sometimes. (as high as 6 bars)

Well, I had never even seen 5 bars and I live in central Texas. Yesterday I was out riding was 95 degrees out. I had to stop at a RR crossing for a long time, and decided to turn the bike off. As soon as I turned it off the temp gauge went all the way up to the top!! Then went back down to 4 and the fan came on.

Tonight I went riding with my wife, and when we pulled in the temp gauge read 3 bars, as soon as I turned it off it went all the way up to maximum again, but this timed stayed there. Fan came on, but I freaked out, turned the bike back on, temp went back down to 3 bars and I rode it a bit. Pulled back in turned it off, went to 4 bars fan came on, cooled it, and then it went off.

Should I be concerned here?? (Cause... I AM!!)

Second Question:
This is kind of personal I suppose but just to get an idea, where do you people set your preload to, and how much do you weigh? I have mine set to 4 and I weigh 197lbs. I pushed it up to 5 tonight though.

When you switch off the motor the water pump stops circulating the water around the engine. That means the water will remain around the water jacket and the temp will rise considerably.
As soon as you trun the motor back on the water circulates and therefore lowers the temp, the fan kicks in because it it set to do so when 4 bars show.

Not a problem, however, you may want to consider some other forms coolant if you are doing that on a regular basis.
Some that come to mind are Water Wetter and Engine Ice, also Maximas Coolanol.

I run Water Wetter in my FZ6 as it is allowed at most race tracks as regular anti freeze is not, even for track days you have to drain the anti freeze and replace it.

Hope this helps,

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