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I'm 6' 220lb athletic

I got this bike to "do it all" really hard back road riding, go out with the club and put on a couple of hundred, take the girl cruising the boulevard.

Hard riding twisties.........6 or 7, keep it stiff and responsive!
My girl is only 88lbs so 4 or 5 depending on how far/bumpy our trek?
easy going highway stuff 3,4 depending on how many miles.

Do worry about the temp if you're constantly in the 8k and above rpm and pull up to a non ventilated stop and sit then turn it off.

I learned everything I've ever needed to know about temps with my twin turbo. Water wetter, turbo timers, ice on the intake before the race, etc.

I-4's can dissepate heat fairly well, especially our naked design. One rule.... if you're running hard (high rpm's consistantly) before you shut it down give it some easy running at more than stop and go traffic speed, movement just helps the liquid cool with some air cool. Shutting down with it cooling down from 5 to 4 bars will not blow your radiator hose off. I would only hesitate shutting off the ignition (the fan goes then too) at five or six showing while moving.
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