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pulled over when leaving traffic court

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so i was in court this morning getting a wreckless op thrown out.. the cop gave me the wreckless op casue he was fishing for DUIs and i was sober(and not even out of the grocery store parking lot when he pulled me over) and i told him what i thought of his anyway i got pulled over on my way home for speeding and lane splitting at a light, i was going 45 in a 25(honestly thought it was 35) i wasnt going that much faster than traffic, what the cop was really upset about was the lanesplitting at a traffic light. he said he had a motorcycle himself but the fact that he couldn't understand lanesplitting or why you would do it makes me think he was full of it, but with the help of a courtesy card and alot of polite apolgies he let me go so he is a-ok in my book
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ME-Rider said:
Just driving between cars in traffic?
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