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Conehead said:
Got my seat back today. Rode about 20 minutes with the double bubble.

It raises the airflow a little, the wind hits right below the bottom of the face shield, so your helmet is pretty much fully in the wind.

I put the stock screen back on also.
Can't tell a difference in buffeting from the stock screen.

When i had the Yamaha tall screen on, it moved the wind to the top of my helmet, causing a lot of buffeting.

I am happy with it, it gives the look I wanted and left my helmet exposed.

As a side note, I only had a little while to ride, but the gel seat inserts feel great.
I will know for sure after the weekend. (2 day trip to the West Va. mountians)
I've been looking for a dark smoked screen and that would do the trick. It looks great! As for the seat, where did you send it and what are they charging? My butt falls asleep after about 45 minutes on that thing.....
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