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What started as a search for some riding boots, has since evolved into a complete rethinking of my protective equipment. A little bit about me: I’ve been riding a 2010 Ninja 250 for about 10 months; most of my riding is done on four miles of back roads to and from work, with an occasional trip down the interstate to the other side of the island or a weekend ride around the island. Temps are usually in the 70’s, with the occasional day in the 80s, however, I’ll be moving in two years. Where, I don’t know, but the climate will definitely be different. I currently wear an AFX helmet, Cambelbak Magnum force gloves, a Cortech GX Air Series 2 jacket (with no modifications to the armor), blue jeans, and hiking boots. Needless to say, I need some better gear.

My initial intent was to get individual protective items, to include: Kevlar jeans, riding shorts, knee guards, a back protector, and a chest protector. I thought I had figured out what I wanted, but then I came across some pretty amazing reviews of Motoport’s Kevlar protective gear. After having read as much as I could on their products, I now have visions of taking a fall and my current gear (and the gear I was thinking about purchasing) shredding to pieces and/or melting to me resulting in road rash, broken bones, or worse. I’m now leaning towards Motoport.

This is where I need your advice. What do you think makes the most sense? Buying items separately or going with a Motoport jacket and pants?

If I were to buy things separately, I would probably get the following:

Boots: Sidi Apex or the Cortech Latigo Waterproof .

Shorts: Forcefield Sport Action Shorts

Knee guards: Knox Cross Knee Guards

Back protector: Forcefield back protector pro Kevlar L2 or possibly just one of Forcefield's CE 2 rated back inserts for my current jacket.

Chest protector: Forcefield race lite chest protector

If I went with Motoport, I’d probably get their Air mesh kevlar jacket and a pair of their Ultra II Air mesh kevlar pants.

Another thing to consider is that during the work day, if I run out to get lunch or for a meeting, I have to take off any motorcycle gear as soon as I park my bike. To me, taking off and storing the Motoport jacket and pants would be easier than taking off and storing a back protector, chest protector, and knee guards. Not to mention, the ease of on/off would make me more inclined to wear the jacket and pants for the short trips vice having to put on all the individual items.

Of course, the downside to the Motoport stuff is the price and the potential for back and forth shipping if the "custom" product needs tailoring. For the jacket and pants with quad armor, I’d be looking at somewhere around $1500. For the individual items, I’d be spending around $600-650 (boots excluded because I'm getting boots regardless of what other stuff I get). I don't mind paying the extra for Motoport if it's really that much better both in terms of protection and longevity.

I would appreciate any thoughts you might have, reviews of the products listed, or suggestions on alternatives.

For anyone who has, or has tried, Motoport’s mesh Kevlar, what are your thoughts? Is the quad-armor worth the upgrade? Will the quad-armor make it too difficult to store in either saddlebags or a backpack? What about the optional rain/wind liner? Worth it or does it make more sense to get rain gear that slips on over the riding gear? For what it’s worth, I haven’t had any rain gear and it hasn’t been a problem. Being on an island, most of my rides are short enough where it doesn’t matter.
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