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My father and I were going to go for a camping trip on our bikes sometime before winter hit. Since I already put a small scratch on the back of the bike I wanted to do something to protect the paint when I strapped the camping gear to my ZZR. After failing to find any plain vinyl at the hardware store I found heat resistant window tint. I picked up the static cling type so I can peel it off and put it on when I want. Then I got some packing paper and proceeded to make a pattern to cut the tint for my bike. I used the tinted version but I think the clear would have turned out better as although it matches fairly well it does have a very slightly foggy look as you can see in the pic. Here you can see the right half (doing it in 2 pieces) done.

*those white spots are bits of a paper towel I thought it would be a good idea to use to wipe away my finger smudges. I've been a lil over 100 since applying it and no worries.

Let me first say this is my first attempt at using window tint for anything. Man those bubbles are annoying. Also I need to trim up a couple lil spots but overall it turned out better than I thought it would :p Now there is a small layer of tint to protect against what would otherwise be a small scratch. The rear handle bars get in the way so i removed then traced the far back mounting hole and just punched a hole in the front since its covered and didn't need to be pretty. To cover the paint on the lower portion of the back I'm gonna need to cut a piece for the left and right sides for a total of four pieces. This could prob be done in 2 pieces by someone with more experience and more patience than me.

Here is my first template. As you can see its a funky shape. I uhh need to work on that.
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