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So I'm perusing "The Rules" (bicycle specific) and came across Rule #12:

Rule #12 // The correct number of bikes to own is n+1.
While the minimum number of bikes one should own is three, the correct number is n+1, where n is the number of bikes currently owned. This equation may also be re-written as s-1, where s is the number of bikes owned that would result in separation from your partner.

Nice. Rule #11 is pretty damn good too. After reading this and chuckling to myself, I thought that for motorcycles, 5 is the perfect # of bikes to own. I know this has been done countless times but thought it would be interesting to see what everybody would own if they could have 5 rides in their stable. I thought it through and then threw in one more category for 6 rides (since this is fantasy anyways).

Here's the categories:

1. Sportbike (of course)
2. Sport-touring
3. Dirt bike
4. Cruiser
5. Exotica
6. Daily Driver

Here's my list:
1. RSV4 Factory APRC
2. Aprilia Caponord 1200
3. I don't ride dirt so I'll go generic Suzuki DR-Z400S
4. Harley Crossbones (I'm a sucker for that Springer front)
5. Moto Guzzi MGS-01
6. My Strom

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Suzuki SV650 superbike (track)
Suzuki GSXR600 (track)
Kawi 250R (track)
BMW S1000RR (street)
Suzuki RM125 (Pit-bike/Dirt toy)

and since I'm so rich I'll take a giant toy hauler for them too...

yes I realize I can't follow directions, but I honestly would never use the bikes in other catagories.

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Six bikes would be the absolute max. you could have. After that, it seems you're working on them more than riding.

I currently have six motorcycle in the house. Between my father and I, we have...

1. '76 Honda CB400F
2. '77 Honda CB400F
3. '93 Honda DR350 (FOR SALE!)
4. '03 BMW R1150RT
5. '06 Suzuki SV650S
6. '06 Ural Patrol

What I would like...

1. '77 Honda CB400F (Stock)
2. '76 Honda Yoshimura CB400F
3. '12 KTM RC8R
4. '12 Yamaha Tenere (European model, not the Super Ternre)
5. '02 KTM Duke II
6. '06+ Suzuki GSX-R600

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I will make the assumption that we're talking about a high budget, but not necessarily unlimited.

1. Sportbike (of course) -- Of what I've ridden, the Aprilia RSV4 is the most fun, although I have not yet ridden a Ducati Panigale, so I'd have to make that comparison. In real life, my intent is to get a nice Ducati 998, though.
2. Sport-touring -- My Ducati Monster does me perfectly well at that, but if the new MOTUS turns out to be really great to ride, I'd get one of those.
3. Dirt bike -- I've done very little of this, so I'd probably get something tame to learn on.
4. Cruiser -- The Ducati Diavel was impressive, and there was a lot to like about the HD V-Rod. I'd probably instead, though, fill this slot with a nice vintage bike, like a well set-up Norton 750 Commando.
5. Exotica -- Bimota Tesi 3D
6. Daily Driver -- My good ol' Ducati Monster serves me perfectly at this, I'd keep that.


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1. 2013 Triumph Daytona 675R
2. Triumph Speed Triple R
3. Honda CR-250R (yes the 2 stroker)
5. Honda CBR400RR
6. Triumph Street Triple R

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1. Sportbike - got it covered - my '11 750
2. Sport-touring - whate ver the wife prefers... Busa or maybe VFR800
3. Dirt bike - did it once, not really interested
4. Cruiser -'t be on them for more than a few mins so useless to me.
5. Exotica - hmm, well, i'm being realistic with my limits... so RSV4
6. Daily Driver - whatever i have at the time.... probably the 750

on a sidenote, i will probably own a few more sportbikes since the wife wants some more in the stable ("but no Ducs!") she wants a 600SS or whatever...

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1. MV Brutale or Speed Triple (it would depend on my patience with parts)
2. Buell XB with an 1169 motor for racing, or a 748R
3. KTM dualsport or a TW200. Though that Aprilia 450 calls to me as well.
4. Harley Fat Boy (de-chromed with a Baker trans)
5. RC8 Red Bull (my asshole friend bought the one I was looking at) or an EBR 1190
6. Who the hell needs a daily driver, there's lots above. So, I'd add a BMW S1000 for track days.
7. SR50 for running to the store.
8. BMW Adventurer in case I need to go far away without a map. Though, with how much free time I have it would probably get sold at three years old with 700 miles.

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1. Sportbike Yamaha R1 (I do have this one)
2. Sport-touring Honda VFR1200
3. Dirt bike Yamaha WR450F
4. Cruiser Yamaha Stryker
5. Exotica Aprilia RSV4R/Factory ABS
6. Daily Driver BMW R1200RT
7. Adventure Yamaha Super Ténéré

Only if money was not an issue...:)

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1.Sportbike - RSV Mille with the rotax twin ,ye can shove the new one up yer hole .

2. Sport-touring -Got.. I suppose my Z750 fits that catagory .

3. Dirt bike - CR500 had one regret selling it ,would have another already if I had the room for more bikes .

4. Cruiser -Got.. the old VS RatAtatRat

5. Exotica -Got.. KTM superduke

6. Daily Driver - That would be the van ,work takes care of all costs so it would be rude not to .

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Track: 600RR & SV1000S
Sport street: SV1000 & SV1000S
Street: SV1000 & SV1000S
Commuter: XT660X, XT660R & AN125
Touring: XJR1300

"Exotica" - The XTs and XJR were sold just for one year in Mexico, people don't even know what they are, I get offers to buy them all the time! The SV1000 when finished will be a "unique" bike on this side of the pond, as the 2004+ SV1000 Classic (naked) was never sold here.

No real use for it, but to ride to the ghetto or to create clouds of blue smoke: RX-S 115

Actually, I think I'm going to sell the 600RR and the RX-S 115, the SVs are perfectly capable of taking care of my track bike needs. The RX-S 115... I have no real use for it, but the smell of the 2 smoke engine brings back childhood memories, every now and then I go to the garage and start it up just to get my fix of toxic fumes.

Duh, I own all of those, LOL! Really can't think of any bikes I'd want at the moment, I don't even have time to ride what I've got now... But I do have a very extensive list of farkles I'd want for them!
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