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Chatterbox Duo Communicator

Price: $109.99

Product Description:

-Rider to Rider Intercom with Bluetooth connectivity to your phone, music and GPS.

-Bike to Bike full duplex communication between two riders.

-The Maximum range of 200 yards.

-Rider to passenger communication capability.

-Listen to music while getting voice direction from GPS wirelessly.

-Answer and receive phone calls.

-True Hi-Fi stereo speakers and noise suppression microphone.

-Headset with microphones for full face helmets (open face mic sold separately).

-8 hours of talk time and 20 hours of standby.

-Includes Duo unit with factory installed rechargeable lithium ion battery, noise reducing headset with microphone for full face helmets, USB charging cable and AC adapter, mounting braket with a cradle, two screws, wire clip wire stick and owner's manual.

-Certain states and localities may prohibit the use of two earpieces or two-piece headsets while operating a vehicle. Please check and follow all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding the use of electronics, earpieces and headsets before operating your motorcycle.
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