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Arai RX-Q Helmet - Solid Colors

Price: $539.99 - $549.99

Product Description:

-Arai Threw limitations out the window and developed the RX-Q to bring you quality and comfort unmatched in any of today's street bike helmets.

-The Arai RX-Q helmet is formed by hand to better match the natural shell shape. This design gives the RX-Q helmet more stability at street speed and minimizes the negative aerodynamic effect when turning your head.

-Experience told Arai that not all head shapes are created equal, so they designed the RX-Q helmet to match the Intermediate Oval (IO) shape. The IO shape is best suited for most people with dimensions greater front to back then side to side.

-Super complex laminate construction makes up the shell of the RX-Q, which consists of a proprietary aerospace fiberglass developed by Arai.

-Arai gave the RX-Q helmet a wider peripheral eyeport, also found on the elite Corsair V helmet.

-Where others skimp, Arai built the RX-Q helmet without cutting corners by adding the Hyper-Ridge Band and vent at the bottom to increase thickness and safety through durability.

-Inside the Arai RX-Q helmet is a multi-density single piece EPS liner that optimizes energy dispersion.

-Keeping you cool came with research. Arai found that re-directing the brow vents to channel fresh air to the temples and ear pockets decreases the temperature of blood flow to the brain.

-Fresh air easily finds its way through the advanced ventilation on the RX-Q helmet with properly placed and sized vents.

-A removable and cleanable vented neckroll adds customized protection to the RX-Q helmet.

-Arai developed the emergency cheekpad release system found on the RX-Q helmet. If the helmet should ever need to be removed in an emergency the cheekpads can be taken out before the helmet is removed to reduce injury.

-Wearing the RX-Q all day will go without a problem, thanks to Arai's cozy liner that cradles the head rather than creating a pressure fit.

-Lower road noise is achieved from the redesign of the cheekpads that create a better seal between the RX-Q helmet and your face.

-To further lower noise coming from the road or motorcycle Arai added sound-deadening foam in the ear pocket of the RX-Q helmet.

-Keeping your Arai RX-Q lid clean and simple with the removable and washable liner.

-Arai developed the easy to use LRS shield removal that does not require tools to remove the shield for cleaning or replacement.

-Side pods remain on the RX-Q helmet, as well as their other helmets, for a greater purpose then a clean look. The side pods continue the round shape and eliminate flat spots that could be less effective at dissipating impact energy.

-Meets or exceeds Motorcycle D.O.T. and Snell standards.

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