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PRO ET is designed for the racer that is ready for the next level of competition

* Designation PRO / ET
* For machines 11.90 to 9.20* in the Quarter Mile
* Engine modifications permitted; Must maintain OEM appearance
* Pump & Racing Fuels recommended; Nitrous systems permitted
* Turbocharger permitted
* Minimum 2" Ground Clearance mandatory
* Chain Guard required
* DOT, M/T, slick & small tires permitted; Car tires only on approval**
* Steel braided brake lines required on machines 9.50 or quicker
* Minimum bar width of 22" minimum mandatory
* Steering damper recommended; Front fork travel 1 1/2" mandatory
* Wheelie bars permitted
* Ignition devices other than engine timing (CDI) devices prohibited
* Lanyard mandatory on machines 10.99 or quicker
* Must have one operating, 7-watt output minimum mandatory
* Pressurized containers; DOT-1800 stamped mandatory
* Leather Jacket, gloves, over-the-ankle boots, Snell/DOT full-face helmet minimum mandatory. Full leathers if running 120mph of faster and/or quicker than 9.99 in the Quarter Mile mandatory

* Valid Competition License required for racers quicker than 9.99 mandatory
** Super Gas approved; All other car tire categories not permitted

Condensed 2004 XMRA Competition/Participation Rules

XMRA Rules Copyright 2003-2004 All Rights Reserved
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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