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Hey guys just wanted to see if you guys thought this was a deal:

2002 F4i
-Yosh RS-3 Pipe
-Power Commander
-Newish Tires
-9k miles
-2 helmets
-VGC condition


What do you think

You got that right.
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Sounds like a good deal. I imagine its a private deal though. There's more to evaluating a deal than just a bulleted point of stuff that comes with the machine. Has the scheduled maintenance been completed? Has it ben dropped? How's the condition of the chain? Any dents or scratches to the frame? Any dents on the tank? Any rust, etc.

I bought my F4i last month in NH, all stock, 3,400 miles, got a three year warranty (what remained on it) and its in immaculate condition with the exception of a small superficial scratch on the tank and some residue on the frame, for $6500.

Sounds like a decent deal otherwise. What brand are the helmets?
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