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I have a '96 VFR 750 that I purchased from a taller, older gentleman. I have not yet adjusted my preload but I feel completely comfortable in turns and at speed. Should I bother touching it?

Also, I (don't laugh :) ) am a pretty small guy, weighing in around 120lbs - if I were to adjust the preload I'd imagine I'd turn it all the way off? Aren't they stock for 150lb riders? If I had to guess I'd say the previous owner was 175-180lbs. Again I have not adjusted -or- looked to see what the preload is set at.

Currently I can't go flat-foot with the bike - I can go flat on one foot obviously but I can only get to about the middle of both feet when standing that way - not uncomfortable by any means but would adjusting preload lower the bike(I'd assume so)?

When I bring a passenger (my gf - around 120lbs as well) I can go flat foot with both feet.

Any tips?

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Yea they have some pretty good suspension help. I was fine and comfortable on my bike untill I messed around with the preload, rebound, and comp. damping in the front and rear. Now I find myself twice as comfortable around turns, and quicker. so long story short, it's what you feel best with, you could try setting it different, and see what you like best. I liked my old set up because I got used to it but the new one for me is just awesome. Also take notes of what you did , and make sure you adjust evenly, so you can always put it back if you want
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