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We've all heard the guys at 'bikenight' bragging about their Power Commanders and I bet there wasn't a single person listening that wasn't at least curious.

Well, I took the plunge and now I don't know whether to sing it's praises or rip it out and throw it in the trash. :confused:

After paying $300 or so for the Power Commander and an additional $300 or so to have the bike dyno'd and remapped I was already in pretty deep.

Fortunately, my first test run with these new 'modifications' was exactly what I was hoping for (significantly improved low end throttle response as well as a more even throttle response throughout) :cheers

Unfortunately the bike never seems to run the same way twice. It's almost as though the Power Commander lost it's custom map somewhere along the way. :cry

Is this a common problem with Power Commanders and/or Yamaha's in general? Do they have to be constantly remapped?

I'd like to hear feedback from everybody that has a Power Commander on their R6. :feedback

"Keep the Dull Side Down and the Shiny Side Up ..... on second thought, Just Keep the Shiny Side Up"

2004 Yamaha R6 Limited
Akrapovic Carbon Fiber Slip-On
Power Commander III
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