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Power Commander 3 - Helmet - Leather gloves - - - ALL NEW!

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I'm selling three NEW items!

* Power Commander 3 - Fits 01, 02 and 03 Suzuki GSXR600. Dynojet tells me it will also work with 02 and 03 GSXR750 's AND 01 and 02 GSXR1000 bikes! All you need to do is download the different maps from Dynojet. --> Item # 2487706177

* HJC CL-12 Street Fighter helmet - Red with very cool graphics! --> Item # 7917569387

* Teknic Speedstar 2 Gloves - Cool blue color and all the best materials! Carbon knuckle pieces and Kevlar construction! --> Item # 7917571465

Please log on to eBay and search by seller < mjfracing1 > or the above item #. All auctions end Friday night and everything is way too cheap! (( Currently the Power Commander is only $41 and the HJC helmet is a pathetic $5.50 ! ? ))

Normally I would take the "how much to sell it now?" email, but I really need to see how the auction pans out. I need every penny to pay off all my medical bills from my months hospital stay after last years crash at Blackhawk.

As always, THANKS SO MUCH for any interest!

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Bump :eek: Everything still crazy cheap. . .
All these eBay auctions end between 11:00pm and midnight (central time) on Friday!

Everything is still a steal if you're interested . . .

A BRAND NEW Power Commander for only $127 ! ? :angry

$180 Teknic gloves for $52 ?

A NEW HJC Street Fighter lid for $53 ? :confused:

I'm the sucker that's gonna lose money. Take advantage of this stuff. Did I mention that it is all new? Did I mention I have a lot of medical bills. Did I mention that I'm not too ashamed to beg!? :)

Enjoy my lovely Photoshop skills :twofinger -->


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