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Post your Time Slips

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Well figured I would start this thread again..

here are mine from lastnight. Myself and SteveF4i went to the local strip with a few friends. I was running my '03 R6 and he was on the '02 F4i. We both were running Devil slip-ons.

First run..

Our second run..

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sungwei said:
I could of sworn I just posted this. I wanna go try to beat this record (personal record that is) this week.

nicely done, but dont know what kind of bike you have
get your 60 foot under 1.8 and you will get into the low 11's and high tens real fast. Should hit the 1/8 th mark at least in the 7.6's and 7.5's
Sirkbac said:
Thats a foul. .500 is perfect, anything less and you jumped the gun.

Not unless its a pro-gas light (not a progressive light).
wEll, we call it pro-gas but basically its the staging lights, then all three yellow then green (which is a .400 light)
Progressive light, is the staging lightes, succession yellow lights drop, then green (which is a .500 light)
I dont know how I pulled this off, but it started to drizzle at the track right when i started to stage, so they sent me off against a car.

Reaction : .723
60ft : 1.903
1/8th ET : 7.453
1/8th MPH : 100.21
1/4th ET : 11.412
1/4th MPH : 124.62

I wasn't even being serious so my RT and 60ft sucked. This is on a fully stock 99 R6. The only modification is a reverse shifter.
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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