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Aww, shit....this it totally my type of a thread....

I have 4 tattoo's and no pics! I'ma have to work on that. My artist has pics, maybe I can just get copies....hmmm

I have a Dragon on my back, and the Traditional Chinese symbol for dragon on my arm, which will soon join to be a 1/4 sleeve with more chinese art.

I have another dragon that goes from my hip bone to the middle of my thigh.

On my lower back I have a cross made out of bones, with a spiked dog collar hanging around it and it says "in Memory of Kay Dog" a friend that passed away 2 years ago in Aug. (his name was Kay, but we always called him Kay Dog because he bred and sold Pit Bulls.)

None of my tattoos are smaller than an opened hand....I love the art.

"tattoos are more than skin deep"
1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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