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Picked up this time capsule piece, 99 Katana 750, been sitting on its center stand since 2005 until recently, 7900 mi. on odometer.

PO's son cleaned out the tank and ran it around the block, low sides it in the first corner on the right side and dented the tank a little on the left side.

Engine purrs nicely above 2k rpm, a little surging w/constant throttle around 5-6k rpm, probably because I put 1/2 can of Seafoam mixed w/fresh fuel.

Anything below 1.5k rpm the engine sounds like a bag of rocks... not sure if it is the cam chain tensioner or the valves.. any ideas? :dunno
choke off=engine dies... even after warmed up.

Maybe give Seafoam 24 hours to work its magic.

Any idea what kind of seat it is? dooesn't look like a Corbin.. definitely not OEM.
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