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pop ups

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is it just me or what? all of a sudden i get pop ups from here whenever i click a thread or something. annoying as all fuggin hell and its not just one pop up. sometimes its one, two, or three :mad: ive run ad-aware and spybot and to no avail the problem still exists. i think its just this puter because i dont get teh problem at home. what the hell else to do? :dunno

whoa is me :a2
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ya wanna have a pop-up problem - move to Phoenix...... :lol

pretty sure i'll catch hell for that one .... :cool:
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Sometimes there just is no way to avoid popups even after spyware is removed with IE. Might try Firefox or Mozilla.

I had the same problem with some spyware on my comptuter and I still was having those stupid dell and ebay pop ups even after I cleaned them. I ended up reformating. I dont' use IE hardly anymore.
i did the same a while back. After trying spyware and some others that i found on the net, i ended up just reloading windows to fix it.
actually reloaded it twice to FULLY fix it. i cant explain that.
I run POPUP STOPPER from Panicware and have almost no popups. I do have to hold the control key when I want to watch a vid but this is a small price to pay. Even the porn popups don't get through.
thanks for the ideas guys. im not sure if i want to use a popup stopper per-say since the POS program at work uses pop ups within the program. im certain they are coming from some site that a coworker goes to. never had these problems till i get someone else working with me.
I use netscape 7.1 and it's popup stopper built in is great. I have no problem what so ever....
get adaware to scan and find the source and use myie as a browser.
what is myie?
its an alternative web browser... works just like Internet Explorer with a couple of nice features... get the lite version.

plus its free!
Sounds like you got an infection, just think it is better than the STD's you get run add aware a couple times see if it doesnt help.
I got this pop up blocker called Defender Pro and I havent had a prob since. They also have outher cd's that block spyware and inform you of any harmful things it find on sites.
yeah the pop ups are just coming from this sute for me...I think the moderators should re-think this feature...
DUDE, from 3 years ago??? Holy OLD thread batman :eek:

Please check the date of the thread before replying to it...please?
I'm just a bit of a procrastinator...Always meant to get around to this thread..
:lao :eek:nfloor
Hey Lee... I thought Z was your 'pop-up' blocker when you guys went out... does Carly know about this... :eatpop
i keep her locked up in the basement :D
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