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How do you define pop music? I read the wikipedia article on it and really didn't care for the "core elements which define pop" which can be found in many songs in every single genre.

I've always thought of Pop as what ever is popular at the time and any song from any genre can move into that area given that it reaches mainstream popularity.

I argue that any artist that is known to be pop still falls under an actual music genre.

Lady Gaga: Electronic
Brittany Spears: Dance Music, Electronic
Spice Girls: Dance, Post-Funk
black Micheal Jackson: Rock, Soft Rock, Funk
white Micheal Jackson: Electronic Funk
Elton John: Rock, Glam Rock, R&B

Most pop music has always had Funk, Soul and R&B elements to it but it tends to not sounds like your cliche James Brown song but those elements are there if you listen.

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when I think of pop music the first thing that pops into my head is a boy band. and I associate it with pre pube teen girls and this is why I don't listen to that genre of music. I am also very tired of the same ol from the radio stations that play rock in my area. jesus christ how many decades do I have to listen to a skynyrd or ac/dc song between stuff just released. give that horrible shit a rest already. any alternative station that pops up around here quickly gets made into a country station or another rock station with 70's and 80s big hair bands mixed in.:bangdesk

and this is why I listen to pandora 99.99% of the time now.
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