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Pong Game. Beat me!

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Ok it's friday and if you are as into work as I am today you are not getting much done. This pong game in the arcade is pretty fun but no one has really played it. I've got like 13,000 on it. Try and beat me. I need a challenge.

Bring it on suckers!!!!!!! :twofinger
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dammit, i had like 3 of the records on the old arcade games...
18,415 I'm taking a breather. hehehe
I have trouble keeping my mouse pointer in the flash window... = I move but the paddle stays still and I loose. Makes me cuss really loud :boid beat me on Snake and I'll put some time in on Pong...
The first time I tried it, I got 10 points. After that, my best has been like 4100 points.

I have alot of trouble keeping my mouse on the thing...
Grashopr said: beat me on Snake and I'll put some time in on Pong...

That game just pissed me off insanely. Must go on murderous rampage now.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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