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Went on my first poker run today.

It was definitely an experience.

I got up this morning to have blood taken for my 3 month blood work type stuff. The nurse that took my blood told me about a poker run that started atht e American Legion in Livonia Center. I looked it up in the Penny Saver. It started at noon, cost $15, and included a chicken bbq at the end. I figured what the hell. I was planning on going for a ride today anyway.

120 miles later I'm home. Boy what an experience. I won't go into detail (mainly because I'm exhausted), but we'll just say it involved one or two assaults, and one accident. I don't know that I wanted to be associated with those folks.

On the up side, I met someone that has another FZ6! His is the silver '05. It was cool to actually talk to someone that has the same bike!
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