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Pointers for mountain corners

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Hey everyone. When shifting your weight in tight corners (like on the Dragon), are you actually sitting on the seat at all when the corners are so constant (ie: 318 curves in 11 miles on the Dragon), or do you basically put more of your weight on the pegs so that it's easier and quicker to shift from side to side. I've only been riding since March. I took my first trip to the mountains a couple of weeks ago. Here are a few pictures. I scraped pegs once (a total of twice since I started riding). I wasn't scraping on any of these though I know I was close on the pic from the back. On most twistie roads, I shift my weight from peg to peg to keep the bike more vertical. I'm not comfortable with hanging off yet, but I do a good bit of shifting, and I'm hanging off more and more every time I practice, so I'll get there! However, on the Dragon, I didn't feel I had time to shift my weight at all, so I basically rode and leaned WITH the bike. I know this eats up some of the reserve traction b/c the bike is less vertical than it would be if I were hanging off more. I wonder if it would be easier if I had more of my weight on the pegs than on the seat? I'm just wondering if you all have any tips for constantly changing corners on how to shift weight/hang off when the road is constantly turning! :) HEre are some pics from my trip. I'm open to critique and suggestions since I'm new and want to be the best, safest rider I can while still having a helluva lot of fun!
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Better? :)
I included a pic (pretty obvious which one) from my first mountain experience about a year ago. Some of you may remember me asking for advice. Boy, did I ever get it! :) After a year of reading, practicing, and riding, thanks so much for helping me improve! I still have "miles to go", so to speak, but I've come a long way and had fun doing it! :) I know I need to work on lowering my upper body closer in towards the mirror. Anyway, thanks for all of the previous advice, tactful and not. It all helped improve my riding!
Looking better on body position.

Just keep in mind the more you lower your upper body the less of a site line you have in being able to see the pavement and other things ahead of you. As your skill increases and the lower you lean using track body position vs the position I have in my avitar have huge differences in what you can and cant see.

In the end it becomes a personal choice / compromise between sight lines (safety) and lowering your COG to get as much corner speed as possible.

Oh and I hope your practicing those late apexes :)
As you can see from the top pic, lowering your upper body won't affect your line of sight. There is nothing in front of you to block the sight.
I guess its safe to assume you're talking about the mirror but lowering your head does affect line of sight.

BTW Ally, 1 comment. Loosen up you're inside arm, it looks too ridged. If its a reach problem (i'm small too) lower your body towards the ground .
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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