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Pointers for mountain corners

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Hey everyone. When shifting your weight in tight corners (like on the Dragon), are you actually sitting on the seat at all when the corners are so constant (ie: 318 curves in 11 miles on the Dragon), or do you basically put more of your weight on the pegs so that it's easier and quicker to shift from side to side. I've only been riding since March. I took my first trip to the mountains a couple of weeks ago. Here are a few pictures. I scraped pegs once (a total of twice since I started riding). I wasn't scraping on any of these though I know I was close on the pic from the back. On most twistie roads, I shift my weight from peg to peg to keep the bike more vertical. I'm not comfortable with hanging off yet, but I do a good bit of shifting, and I'm hanging off more and more every time I practice, so I'll get there! However, on the Dragon, I didn't feel I had time to shift my weight at all, so I basically rode and leaned WITH the bike. I know this eats up some of the reserve traction b/c the bike is less vertical than it would be if I were hanging off more. I wonder if it would be easier if I had more of my weight on the pegs than on the seat? I'm just wondering if you all have any tips for constantly changing corners on how to shift weight/hang off when the road is constantly turning! :) HEre are some pics from my trip. I'm open to critique and suggestions since I'm new and want to be the best, safest rider I can while still having a helluva lot of fun!
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Hell, I meant to post this in the general forum, not in the pictures. Anyone know how to move this post there? Thanks!

Thanks so much, "Unreal". I agree my body positioning needs a lot of work. I've been practicing after watching quite a few tutorial videos, reading more books (on Twist of the Wrist now), and taking advice from some experts, and I've improved. Here's a question. When you shift your weight, do you do so just prior to your lean-in so that the bike isn't potentially upset while you're in the middle of leaning? How many years have you been riding? I think I need a track day to really get my skills up to par, but there are no tracks around here. :-(
Hey everyone! Yesterday, I took the Richard B. Russell mt road in North Ga, the Suches Loop, Blood Mt, and Wolfpen Gap for those of you familiar with North Ga mts. I read Twist of the Wrist this past week which had some AWESOME pointers for body positioning in corners, etc, plus I watched quite a few you tube training videos and read and took some of your advice. It didn't take long at all to see what the "fuss" is about in weight shifting. Talk about an incredible way to ride and still have more traction than I know what to do with! LOL! I got to the point of hanging half an ass cheek off the seat, and I even felt comfortable doing so in the esses. In the twisty part, my ass did little more than occasionally brush the seat.
Ok, so I can squat 1.5 times my body my legs are very strong. I take Taekwondo and I train my legs at the gym every week. Even so, I am sore as hell from yesterday! :) I actually hung off on corners when I really didn't have to b/c my goal was to practice, practice, practice my form any chance I got. After riding twisties for 10 hours straight, I gotta say, that was a helluva leg workout (I consider that a benefit!)
My hubby rode behind me a bit to watch my form, and he commented on just how up-right my Ninj was in the corners since I was hanging off. There were no "oh shit" moments and no dragging of hard parts. :) I feel great about my cornering practice yesterday, but I need much more practice (and I always will...there's always some fine-tuning that needs to be done). Hubby and I are going to do a track day next Spring, so that will be a great place to do some of that practicing. Anyway, thanks so much for all of your advice! It really paid off! Next time I got to the Dragon, you'll see quite a different chick in the pictures I'll post. :)
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Then...and now...

Better? :)
I included a pic (pretty obvious which one) from my first mountain experience about a year ago. Some of you may remember me asking for advice. Boy, did I ever get it! :) After a year of reading, practicing, and riding, thanks so much for helping me improve! I still have "miles to go", so to speak, but I've come a long way and had fun doing it! :) I know I need to work on lowering my upper body closer in towards the mirror. Anyway, thanks for all of the previous advice, tactful and not. It all helped improve my riding!


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2 cents has no value

Ally....I don't know if you need to be even going to places like the dragon if you have only been riding since march...just my 2 cents.
Your 2 cents ain't worth #$%&. I've been riding for a year and a half.
Thank you!

Looking better on body position.
Oh and I hope your practicing those late apexes :)
Thank you both so much for your words. :) You are so right, Stamford, about losing my line of sight if I lower my position any more.
Yes, practicing the delayed apexes, and I do well with them in corners that I'm familiar with. Still struggling a bit to consistently have a good late apex line in unfamiliar corners. It's definitely a work in progress. :)
Thanks again! You were all so helpful last year when I originally posted. I wanted to show you I've taken your advice to heart and really been working to improve.
Happy weekend all! :) Ally
Made Killboy's front page!!! :)

Made killboy's front page with the comment, "Nice form!" Yeah!! See all of your coaching and my studying and practicing brought me from the bottom pic to the top one :)


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BTW Ally, 1 comment. Loosen up you're inside arm, it looks too ridged. If its a reach problem (i'm small too) lower your body towards the ground .

Yep, I noticed that about my arm being too stiff and up a bit too high and even mentioned to my hubby that's one area I need to improve. I am definitely small...120 lbs, 5'6", but I agree I need to lower my body towards the ground. At the spot I'm sitting now, I will actually scrape peg/toe before I'd ever be able to drag knee...though honestly I'm not trying to drag knee on a public road (saving that experience for the track), but hey, S$%# happens sometimes! Thanks a bunch! :)
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