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the last person to post on this site please turn off the lights!!!!
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lol lmao
I don't have any authority, but I'll give ya my vote :banned :D
You guys are some whacky, whacky foo's. :alky
Hey Rico...going to Opa Locka tomorrow??
ALF/USA said:
Hey Rico...going to Opa Locka tomorrow??
Affirmative :cool:
"Clap Clap"

I use the clapper :lol
Did you say you have the clap??
I think he is imitating the clap on, clap off lamp.
Oh! I understand now...
Gary............ your in trouble.. BBM is going to lock the thread for pulling up an almost one year old thread...

Nooooooooooooooooooo!! :lao
should ban whoever started the thead
That was u alf.
Let's ban Alf! :lao
Ban Alf!!! He is too old for this anyway!!!
I am....thats why I want to sell the bike...I cant do this anymore...I need to think about my kids...they need a daddy growing up....
But you've only known this girl for about 2 weeks! :bitchslap
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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