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Please help!! Problems starting!!

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I'll try and make this as short as possible. I just replaced a couple of gears, drum, shift fork, and put in a Dynojet kit with the 190's in my '97 ZX-9R and now I'm having problems. Other than the jet kit, it has a Yoshimira can and K&N filter. It took an expected 15 sec. or so to start the first time and it ran for a short ride of about 4 minutes or so and then bogged down. By bogged I mean it just lost power like it was running out of gas. Then when I put the clutch in, it died and wouldn't restart. Now when I hit the start button, it makes a god awful metal-on-metal CLANK! and stops rotatation completely. Funny thing is that this only happens when the plugs are in. When they're out, it turnes over no problem. I thought about hydro compression, but I don't know how it got there in the first place and why did it die to begin with? Any ideas? Thanks!
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First check the cam timing, see if it jumped time?? Do a compression test
IT does not sound good
It does not sound good at all. I would open it up again to see what might have gone wrong when you replaced the trans parts.
Dancer, compression seems ok, but that's w/ the accurate thumb over the hole method. I thought about timing, but can't figure out why it would have jumped.
SSALLBER, I'm trying to avoid dropping it all again if possible. Really not too bad, but I don't have the time. Obviously will if I have to though.
Any other ideas, just spit them out. I realize it's hard to diagnose something like this if you're not here. I can at least compare what I know to what your ideas are. Any are appreciated!!
did you mess with the starter at all when you were doing all those things?
Yeah, it came off. It's been tested outside of the bike and is ok. Why?
Well, I'm not sure about bikes, but I know that on my old nissan, there were shims that the starter sat on to align it with the flywheel. I had to take it off one day for some damn reason, and not knowing about the shims, when I put it back on, it would make a friggen horrid sound like metallic grinding and clanking when it would attempt to engage with the flywheel. Never tried turning it over without the plugs though. I'd imagine that if this was the same thing on your bike, it would be easier for it to engage and spin the crank without all that compression. Just a thought.
Hmmm...I see. Sounds good enough to check the starter again. Thanks!
Yeah, good luck. It sounds bad, but it could be something simple. Let us know what you find. Also, call the local shop and see what they say about the shims before you go through the hassle of taking that shit off again.
Yeah, I'll let everyone know in case it happens to someone else. If it is full of liquid fuel and hydro locking, I don't want to crank it any more than I have to. I don't want to lose a rod, piston, or any other expensive, time consuming stuff. I'm trying to get as many ideas that I can to make an educated, minimum number of CLANKS! before I figure it out. SUCKS! It's so nice outside too!!
Just want to give a special thanks to all that tried to help! Good news to report is that she's up and running!! First off, it was the pickup coil not being bolted down securely and therefore not making good contact that made the bike die and not start again in the first place. The second problem I had with the bike not turning over turned out to be that the ground wire was hooked up, but not securely enough. Just goes to show you that if you have a problem, go to the simplest solution first. Thanks to all again!!
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