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Okay i have no idea what to do. My bike has been sitting for about a month now. I have been trying to sell it. Somebody was comming to look at it today so i went out to clean it up a little bit. I started it up...and it started perfectly. Then i went on a short ride, came home, then shut it off. Then the people came to look at it. They started it up, gave it a couple of revs, then shut it off. Now just about an hour after it was running perfectly fine i went out to move it back to the garage. When i turn the key to the ON position nothing happens!! The lights and the Speedometer are supposed to go on when i turn it to the ON position but nothing happens!? I checked the fuses, the battery connections, and I cleaned the connectors too. I have no Idea what to do to fix it. And somebody it comming to look at it tomorrow! PLEASE HELP ME. Thanks
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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