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Hey guys. There is a dog at the local animal shelter that needs the help of animal lovers and kind strangers everywhere. I got both of my idiots (coonhounds) from my local shelter, one of which ended up having heartworms, so I KNOW how much it costs to get this issue cleared up.

The dog's name is Aiden. He's a Saint Bernard. He should weigh over 140 pounds, but he only weighs in at about 90 pounds right now. Among other problems, he tested heartworm positive. The group that helps these animals at my local shelter is called FICAS. That stands for Friends of Ingham County Animal Shelter. They are a non-profit group that tries to help as many animals at the shelter as they can.

Aiden already has large medical bills, and they will just continue to get larger as he starts his treatment for all of his little health problems. He needs help from people to make sure he gets through it alright and can move on to help bring much love and joy into someone's life.

You can view the ad for him, which includes several pictures, by clicking here:

If you would be willing to try and help, please send donations in ANY amount to this address:

FICAS, PO BOX 11115, Lansing, MI 48901


You can Paypal it, go here:, and the link to donate is about 3/4 of the way down the page.

Remember guys, every little bit can help this poor guy. I've got a $6 balance in my Paypal account that I'm gonna be sending to them, and as soon as I get a few extra bucks scrounged together I'm gonna send that to them too.

If any of you decide to donate, please post in here or send me a PM so I can let Holly (that's the lady in charge of FICAS) know to be on the lookout for your donations.

Aiden, FICAS, and myself all thank you for taking the time to read this post.
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