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The Pittsburgh International Race Complex (Pitt Race) located in Wampum, PA is teaming up with the Roadracing World Action Fund to provide motorcycle track days on Sunday, September 1 and Monday, September 2. Raised funds will be put directly into purchasing an air fence for the North Track to increase safety for motorcyclists.
Event details:
• The cost to attend the event is:
o $185 for Sunday (includes bench racing, food and drinks)
o $165 for Monday
o Or $295 for both days
• Each day will have five, 20-minute sessions
• Riders will also be split into three riding levels including: novice, intermediate and advanced.
The Roadracing World Action Fund's mission is to prevent race track injuries. To accomplish our mission, we will promote motorcycle racing safety and education. Specifically, the Roadracing World Action Fund advocates and promotes the use of soft barriers to prevent racetrack injuries, and provides education on the value of adequate pre-race practice, rider training, and proper racetrack preparation.

Pittsburgh International Race Complex (Pitt Race) is a world-class racing and entertainment hotspot located in Wampum, PA. Offering corporate events, banquet facilities, performance and defensivedriver training, world class karting events and kart rentals, sports car races, motorcycle races and autocross, Pitt Race is dedicated to creating a fun, educational and competitive environment.
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