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*LAST CHANCE* Philly, PA FZR 600

1990 Yamaha FZR 600 Black and Silver,
Good motor and suspension. Metzler tires Good rear tire, Front tire may or may not pass inspection. Brakes are all fine and will pass inspection. There is a Yoshimura exhaust on the bike and the carbs have been jetted accordingly. The bike has aftermarket grips (gel?) and aftermarket pegs (blue anodized). Mileage is somewhat unknown, The previous owner lied to me, (he said one thing 12k, odo says another 27k, and the title says something else 33k). The motor has been rebuilt and runs incredibly well. Trans shifts fine, no issues with second gear. The bike has a solo seat cover, and I have a fully solo fiberglass race tail that can be negotiated into the sale of the bike.

The upper has a bit of damage that is not really noticeable, there is no windscreen and the left mirror is also missing. Front brake handle is somewhat bent and the end broken off but works fine. There are no side fairings either. Bike is not currently registered insured or inspected. (I have only been riding it around my development to make sure everything works well.)

I bought the bike because I thought it was what I wanted at the moment but after riding it and figuring out how much I would have to spend on it after all costs were taken care of the bike did not seem worth it for what it was.

I would like to get $2150 obo for the bike but that price is negotiable, I may also be interested in a possible trade for a V-Twin bike (Hawk GT, SV650, Buell?)

I would really like to sell the bike somewhat locally. I can only transport it if it fits inside a Chevy Astrovan. If anyone is interested in shipping the bike, then the buyer will make all arrangements and pay the shipping costs. For those buyers interested in shipping I will e-mail you the rest of my selling terms if you are interested in the bike.

The bike is located in Bucks County PA about 25 minutes North of Philadelphia.

E-mail: [email protected]

Pictures can be found here:

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