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I like your opinions on the motorcycles, thank you for
the input. First off this will be my third bike, the first being a Nighthawk 650 and the second my SV. However, I truely consider it my second, because I really didn't learn how to ride until the SV. I have strongly considered the fz1 as well as the aprilia Tuono, Falco, Ducati Multistrada, and the zx6~zx9. I have also considered the Triumph Sprint ST and Triumph Daytona 955. and while I will not be purchasing a motorcycle until next year, I fully intend to keep the sv650 as a short trip / twisty weekend toy / track bike.

The Puck

dude, I really like the Ducati Multistrada, it's sit up and beg positioning, undertail exhaust, single sided swing arm, ducati sound, dry clutch. However, the style hasn't quite SOLD me yet


While I like the idea of a gold wing (i really like that bike) at 25 I can't buy one, there is something morally wrong with a 25 year old on a goldwing. I just can't do it yet. don't get me wrong, a guy we ride with just picked one up, ad man HE LOVES that bike, the power, the handling, the radio, etc, he does nothing but RAVE about that bike.


I am not ready for a 10r. I am also, not considering anything pure SS at this point, I much prefer 400 mile days then boy racer ergo's. My opinion is that a race bike like the 10r belongs on a race track, which I am not willing to do (primarily out of fear, but mostly out of respect)
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