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Was on my way home from work and met a guy here in our small town on his gsxr 1000. He passed my friend and I and turned back around to catch up with us. We had just turned onto the highway and sped up to 70mph quickly and then let off once we hit the speed limit. I watched him in my mirror catch up to us quickly then he popped it up on the back tire and passed us. We were on a 4 lane with no other cars around us. As he passed us I noticed that his front tire was turned alot to the right and hoped that he would land it safely and he did. He was only wearing sun glasses for his protective gear. (alot huh?) I just hope none of these guys get hurt doing this crap on the streets or get me tangled up in them if they crash.

Don't worry about riders like that, they will always be around. I was coming back from carving some mountain roads, and making my way back home on the slab. I was traveling with a buddy, we had on full gear, and doing the speed limit or 5 to 10 mph over, when all of a sudden hear comes 5 or 6 riders in tee shirts, doing stand up wheelies, then hitting triple digits. We shook our heads and contiune on.

However, if you see them coming up on you, get out of their way, let them go.

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