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My son will be home at the end of the month for a 30 day leave~
ya'll are more then welcome to stop on by and party it up~
For those that don't know where we're at.. email or PM for directions
if you'd like to join us!

Welcome Back From Iraq
Saturday, July 31st
Noonish-until ya leave
We will supply the usual Hotdogs & Hamburgers for the grill~
Some Deviled Eggs, Potatoe Salad, and Bottled Water~
Please feel free to bring along whatever you'd like.. to toss on
the grill, munch, or drink~ Don't forget Sunscreen and Swim
Suits, should you wanna hang out in the pool~ Children are
welcomed~ Smoking will be out doors only~ The house will be
smoke free with respect to the non-smokers~

Stop by if ya can and welcome JR home (for the short time it
will be)~ If you can't make it.. no worries.. but you will be
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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