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we have a few of these instock ready to ship, they retail for $249 and we are offering them for $200 shipped to you SBNers

PM me if you are interested or call tollfree 877-484-4860 & ask for chuck

here is the desc.:

MyChron Light TG represents the evolution of MyChron light MCL. This new, easy to use, lap timer provides the driver with a new, handy, plug and play instrument. The new MyChron Light TG has a new, beautiful 128 x 64 pixels graphic display and a ± 45° visual inspection. This new lap timer also has an auto power off feature after 20 minutes of inactivity.

It is available in two different versions:

• standard internal powered version with green background (this is the one we have)
• optional external powered version with blue background and backlight

The instrument is composed of two parts:

• MyChron Light TG display unit
• IR Lap receiver

Your MyChron Light TG has:

• built in clock and calendar
• built in database for laps management
• capability of up to 1200 laps storage
• configurable number of splits

Data is stored in the 128 Kbytes non-volatile internal memory and is downloaded to a PC through an optional USB cable. Data stored in its memory will be analyzed thanks to a new properly designed and developed software called “Light Analyzer”.

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MyChron Lite TG

I've PM'ed you about this post & availability of the MyChron Lite TG but no reply.
Could you let me know if they are still available at the $200 price?
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