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Isn't it interesting that we ride motorcycles yet we don't want our children to do it? My wife and I were talking about our seven year old yesterday. She mentioned that it's only a matter of time before he wants one for himself. I would consider a small dirtbike at some point but I just can bring myself to thinking about him riding a streetbike when he gets older. I started riding streetbikes at a later age (30) and I can't imagine being a sixteen year old or even a twenty year old riding a standard bike let alone a sportbike. Yes it's hyprocritical but I don't want my kid riding a street motorcycle until he's a minimum of eighteen or maybe I could stall until he's thirty. Maturity has so much to do with riding responsibly. Kids have a hard enough time driving a car without getting into an accident and you throw in a motorcycle??? YIKES!!!
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