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Hey guys this is a general thread to find out if anyone has advice on painting the fairings and gas tank of my 2000 kawasaki zx6r. i bought it about 2 years ago and want to change the color as well as fix some road rash on the side fairings. is this something i can do or should i take it to a body shop? i have a friend with a spray gun and paint booth etc. so this shouldn't be a rattle can job. i am just wondering about prepping the pieces and getting the rash off the fairings. help please.

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I've painted my race bike several times. Heres my prospective from a first time painters experience.

Bodyshop ROP in HS that I never paid attention in 10 years ago.
Bought a book on automotive painting ( a good investment ).

-Needed to buy to get started-
Paint gun (bought a semi-cheap one from harbor freight) $60.00
Paint - Titanium Grey Perl (BMW) - 1 qt. $95.00
Thinner / hardner / road tar, and wax remover - $35.00 aprox.
LOTS of Sand Paper - 180, 600, 1000 grits - $25.00
Paint stripper for tank - $15.00
Resusable 3M respirator: $60.00 (Very important to get the correct one)
Misc. supplies: $30.00

Aprox. cost: $320.00

This assumes you have a compressor, and an electric or pneumatic sander.

-Prep work-
Almost 2 straight weeks of plastic repair, and sanding, and more sanding, and wet sanding, and more sanding... Then some more sanding.

-Actual Painting-
I setup a makeshift booth in my garage using plastic sheets, the first time I made the mistake of putting plastic on the floor too. DON'T do this. Once the paint particles fall back to earth the plastic on the floor sticks to your shoes.

Otherwise once I figured out the correct adjustments on my gun, the painting process was not that bad. It actually turned out pretty good for a first timer.

Good luck!
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