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Wow... didn't ever see her in that kind of a shot before!

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Hot damn!!! I would never of thought you'd see her in pictures like thoses. Sweet find!!

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Yeah, she pretty hot.
I like the chick off "while u were out" Leslie Segret.
She is just FINE. Couldnt find any desent pics of her though :mad:
Somethin about a woman that can hold her own with power tools

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I wish there were more of her. I wonder how long before she does Playboy.

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L8 Braker said:
Fiero, other than me(and especially Caster), is there anyone on this planet that you actually like??

britney spears
jessica simpson (would nail her, but wouldn't date her)
madonna, when she was younger and not into "yoga" EW
vanna white when she was in play boy, decade ago?
90% of the chicks in "girls gone wild" but those would be one night stands
couple of chicks that i work with
99% of the chicks that work at hooters
then in public, do the typical "id hit her" to my buddy

rsixxy, hmm no, must have been the avater.
1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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