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I picked up a pair of SS peroformance boots 3 weeks ago and I've had enough 'break in' time on them to write up a little review.

I purchased these boots because I was told by the guys that New Enough that they were good for people with wide feet. I wear a 11 wide in shoes so I took their advise and ordered a euro 46. It fit a little snug, but after a few weeks of 'break in' time they have formed to my foot perfectly.

The good
-they are very light weight
-they have enough sole to be comfortable walking around in them all day (just barely though)
-they look great, fit nice with jeans pulled over
-the construction seems top notch, pretty nice leather
-improved shifting once you get used to the boots

The bad
-Titanium toe slider comes on the boot. This is illegal at most tracks, so if you race you'll probably have to purchase the poly sliders
-there is a cupped heel but the boot does not have the "TCS" technology in the more expensive oxtar boots so just expect a minimum of ankle protection

I've spent two days where I've worn them the ENTIRE day and I have to say they live up to their advertising as being part street boot because they were comfortable enough to work in (i have a desk job).

If you have narrow feet, I would not suggest this boot!

If you are like me and have a wide foot, and you want an inexpensive boot that looks cool and offers a lot more protection then a pair of shoes.. I suggest checking these out! Oxtar makes a quality product.

I think the only reason I would upgrade boots down the line is to get some of the extra ankle protection you get in the more expensive boots. However you do sacrafice 'daily wear' comfort when you do this.
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