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Owensboro Motorsports Festival - some pics

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Well, here are just a few pics of the Towne Square Mall parking Thursday. There were bikes (only us) lots of drag cars, demo cars, sprint cars, r/c cars and races. I ride with a stunt group called DTP and we setup a tent along with some other friends that build choppers and own a motorcycle repair shop. There are quite a few more bikes that would have been there but a few of them had to work since it was during the week.

I wish i would have taken my camera, i just borrowed this camera when i saw someone i knew walkin around with one. If i had mine, i would have lots more cool stuff to show.


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some more...


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darn, if I would of known, that's something I would of gone to. Heck, I'm not all that far from Owensboro... home of the Hayden boys.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr neat pics tho. Glad ya had fun..:D
Looks like it was a nice day.

(I like that orange ZX6R)
ya, i think Tuesday was the "bike ride". About 80-100 bikes met at the river, then the police escorted us down a few miles down "the strip" to Texas Roadhouse which hosted a big doojig. Nickey Hayden was in front of the "bike parade" ridin in an F350 Limo. He was signin posters/shirts etc.
looks like someone was standing or sitting on the tank
Awesome pics...This one is my favorite...It has a cage to protect the sides, tank smashed for highchairs a wheelie bar, and then.......(sarcasm here)A really long exhaust can to do 12 oclocks :lol


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why is that "sarcastic"?
The tail is really long though and has a 12 bar, he can probably clear it. If not, scrape it off little by little :)
that orange 636 is hot.
too bad they haydens weren't there ;)
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