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Mr. Lesbian said:
Ever since I've been listing my bike for sale all over the internet and various ads, I've gotten a bunch of e.mails from interested buyers. Now this is a good thing but the majority of them are from the UK and I never once advertised on any UK sites.

Could this be some sort of overseas scam or do you guys think they're actually interested? So far one guy has asked me for my address so that he can send me a certified cheque.

What do you think? Anyway I'm getting screwed because I gave him my address?

Any known scams out there for overseas deals?

Those emails are most likelly scams. Did you look at spelling/grammar in it? Most of those scammers can't write worth of crap. That's usually the biggest giveaway.

Did he offer just to send a check and you ship it, or it's a check and you have to send some money back? Suggest Western Union or tell him/her that you know somebody who lives nearby that person's place- so they can pick up CA$H. That ought to stop them, if they ARE scammers

bad things for giving your address:

1. can sell that address for more scam mailing
2. now he knows WHERE the bike is (potential for theft)
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