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Our 1938 Ford that's been stored *pics

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We built this back in '93 and drove it up until '02 I think. It's been in storage since then. I decided to pull it out, get it freshened up a little and take it to some car shows last summer. These are from when I first pulled it out and got it back to my house, where it lives now. Yes, I know it's's got about 15k miles on it since built. When we got it (original) it had 41k back in '90 I think. Anways, just thought I would share some pics....I love it....kinda fun crusing in it.

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dreesemonkey said:
Great looking car :) Do you run it with an open carb, or was that just for the pictures. Looks like a fun ride. Stats, please?
No, I took the air cleaner off to get some "before" pics. It matches the valve covers and is oval shape.

Motor is a GM crate ZZZ 345hp (I think) with Carter 750. Heads are Corvette aluminum. TCI 350 turbo with stock stall. 9" rear with 3.23s open dif. Camaro disc up front with Corvette disc at the rear. Its a straight axle with man steering and no power brakes (the booster got damaged because it was to low) Everything else I think is self explanitory. :)
bush said:
Beautiful car. Someone in my extended family has a '32 I think. Too bad I'll never be able to afford a toy like that...
You know, that brought up a thought. It's so much easier to tell years of cars from back then. I can tell you 32-41 Fords from a mile away. Every year was different and easy to distinguish. They had coupes, convertibles, sedans, 4 dr sedans, sedan deliveries, panel trucks and pickups. No Mustang, Taurus, Focus, Escort, F-150, was the description of them, not a name.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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