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Before I bought the Ninja 650, I wanna list some bikes I thought of getting.

One was the NC700x for its ability to carry a helmet and it has better gas mileage at 67 mpg. But I test rode it at the dealership and for some reason I didn't really like the shape of the bike when sitting on it and it had no fairing like the Ninja 650. Also, it kind of felt slow and didn't really feel like a bike I would be comfortable taking at peak highway speeds of 80 mph when needed.

The new Honda CBR650F was one bike that interested me but it wasn't out yet and the MSRP price for an ABS option was $9000. Plus being a new bike that just came out around June 2014, I did not think I would have much luck getting it at MSRP and even at MSRP it will still cost more. Also, I did sit on it later when it came out and it felt like it had a smaller frame and the displays were small. Still felt like you had to bend your back to reach over for the handle bars, not an upright position.

But I ultimately decided to stick with the Ninja 650 because after test riding it I felt like a comfortable bike I can commute on. I like the large fairing because it makes the bike feel like you have something surrounding you to keep you safe. Handle bars are a little wider and it's upright so I don't have to worry about hunching over all day long but can tuck in if I feel like it. And it has the nicest display for a bike. And the bonus part is I can fit a Sol Republic Deck on the handle bars with a velcro strap and it stays on. There are some things the bike would have came with, but I think that large fairing is what made the deal breaker because it was the only thing that made me feel comfortable to be on a bike that will be on the highway. If I had no fairing, it's be fine for local streets but not really freeway.
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