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Hi... just wanted to start a new thread on what to do to order stickers so that no one has to keep going through threads to find out.

The different possible stickers are here.

The pricing of 3" =$1 is for the last sticker option, add $1 for each additional inch. This is the pricing for regular materials. I will have a list of specialty materials that I have available soon.

To order please email me at [email protected]. Please include in the email the size, color, and shipping address. I will try to respond to the emails as soon as I see them, I will then send an email with the estimate price with shipping cost. I ship using UPS unless it fits in a regular envelop, but please specify if you would want that, I don't think the USPS loses regular envelops? but I can't offer any guarantees for that so ask for regular envelope at your own discretion.

I can do other things to customize the decals too. I also make shirts and whatnot (black ones okay).

mmm I think that's it...lemme know if there's anything I can do. thanks. hope this was helpful.


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