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Track day up date.

Those of you in western IA. Eastern Ne.
August 6, 2005. 9a-5p Mid American Moto Complex Is having an all welcome track day. I need to follow up. 1 source said you do not need the school or MAM Membership. (this is trying to peak interest for it.) 1 Source said we did. About $125.00 for the class that is not given before the track day.

I went to ask questions for myself and found an Open track day. apparently only 25$
And bonus: They said you do not have to modify or do the safety procedures Taping lights Changing out coolant Exct for this event.

Flyer Reads as follows.:

Track AddiX
Try the track $25.00

What you get:
>Classroom session to learn about track days
>Instructor led track walk to learn about the race track
> a 20 minute session Riding your cycle on the track
> $25.00 coupon for track orientation school
> leathers or special equipment not required.

See For information

Hope this helps some of you out.
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