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just bought it today..

2007 Silverado Max Crew Cab Short Box LTZ 2WD

the Max trucks replace the old Silverado SSs.. and come with LS2s (6.0L!!! Thats the Corvette engine!! and GTO engine, and Trailblazer SS engine, and CTS-V engine.. and SSR engine.. and.. uhh... there are a couple others.. hehe oh yeah the new Camaro engine!!)
Silver Birch Metallic exterior
Ebony leather interior

the Max towing package (10,300ish lbs!!!)

I ordered the Navigation system, a sunroof and chrome side steps.. they were able to include all those in the financing.. and will be installing everything next week sometime.. YES they can install a sunroof!! They like, replace the whole roof.. pretty fucking sweet..

of course I bought a 5 year/75k mile extended warranty because I drive a shitload..

and the best part.. the part Ive been waiting for...

0% for 60 months!!!!

I'll be selling my truck privately, since the trade in offer wasnt that great. Buuuut the dealership we went to was AWESOME.. (Maroone Chevrolet of Fort Lauderdale) We had gone to one earlier and the truck they had there had 722 miles on it.. and they wouldnt budge on the price.. Dave was like, uh.. so we're buying a used truck thats never been registered, at a new price..? We went back and forth.. and finally just got up and left... stupid.. apparently they let some DJ from a Kiss Country here drive it to Northern Florida for some promotional deal..

I asked them.. um.. so why should I have to pay for YOUR promotional deal?? They didnt really have an answer but they werent willing to work with me.. :shrug:

anyway.. we left that place and ended up going to the Maroone dealership right near my house.. the salesmen and managers and financing guy were all FANTASTIC.. I WILL be writing a letter.. they were just super helpful, friendly, and very accommodating... great service!!

Anyway.. pics!!


You will be missed Shawn
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you got yourself a nice looking truck there. I like it. I REALLY like the tow package :leghump
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