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I did a little scouting today after riding the Old Port Gibson Rd from Raymond to Port Gibson.

Running South on Old Port Gibson Rd, when you get to Hwy 61, go straight across to Grand Gulf Rd then after a few miles, turn left onto Old Mill Rd. That will bring you into the back side of Port Gibson.

To continue onto some more great roads.

When you are come into Port Gibson from Old Mill Rd and get to the Red Light, Turn Right onto Hwy 61 South. Then turn Right at the very next Red Light. After about 2 blocks the road vears to the left and turns into Rodney Rd.

Rodney Rd has some very tight curves. Be careful because there aren't any suggested MPH signs prior to the curves.

You can ride Rodney Rd which turns into Hwy 552 around to where it meets back up with either the Trace or Hwy 61.

Before getting to Alcorn State Univ., I turned turned left at Westside community onto Russum-Westside Rd. This road is pretty wicked. It's pretty much a one lane road with totally blind curves. It is not for riding fast either. But it is pretty neat with all the trees hanging over the road! This road came out on Hwy 61 at Russum.

I then went South on Hwy 61 to Lorman, turned Left onto Hwy 552 East. This road can be wicked fast. Very good surface. The slowest post suggested MPH curve was 40 MPH is that gives you any idea!
When you get to a point that you have to turn left to stay on Hwy 552 East, DON'T!!! After a few miles, the road all of sudden turns into a dirt road... NOT a good thing for a bike!
You can go straight at the intersection onto Dennis Crossroads Rd towards Hwy 28 or just turn around and double back.

Sorry for the long post, hope some of this helps out.

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