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Ojibwe Forest Rally

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I went to the Ojibwe Forest Rally on Friday. It was tons of fun. Got to meet Travis Pastrana, Ken Block and Dave Mirra. Here are some pics and a link to a video my buddy and I made(we have about 30-40 mins of video so we're going to make a few more vids).


Whole Picture Album:
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And a few teasers...just a fyi I didn't cut out the 'bad' pics on the album, so every picture I took(good or bad) is in it since I figured what some think is a cool picture, others might think is dumb and vice versa.

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Did Fail Block roll over another Slowbaru? :eek:nfloor

See what I said about Rally America being a joke? There's some old Jettas and Golfs in there, for Christ's sake! :twofinger

I really liked the Mustang, how did it ran? I saw on my facebook that a buddy also went...but you have a lot more of pics :cheers
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