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Ojibwe Forest Rally

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I went to the Ojibwe Forest Rally on Friday. It was tons of fun. Got to meet Travis Pastrana, Ken Block and Dave Mirra. Here are some pics and a link to a video my buddy and I made(we have about 30-40 mins of video so we're going to make a few more vids).


Whole Picture Album:
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And a few teasers...just a fyi I didn't cut out the 'bad' pics on the album, so every picture I took(good or bad) is in it since I figured what some think is a cool picture, others might think is dumb and vice versa.

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Love how you can see the brake rotors glowing with the night vision.
Haha yea, we actually have a video of one of the cars front brakes on fire. I'm sure that will make it into the next video we make so I'll post it up once it's done.
Lmao, funny that you mention Block rolling....cause he did in fact roll on stage 3, haha.

I do see what you mean as Rally America being not as organized or taken as serious as WRC, but i wouldn't say it's a complete joke.

The MaxAttack guys were driving real hard and they ran some pretty close times...but on the other hand Pastrana won by nearly 9 minutes.

As for that Mustang, that thing was sweet. It ran pretty well and I think it was the only RWD car there, everything else was 4WD or FWD.

Here's a video of the only crash that happened at a spectator corner, pretty intense.
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